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I’ve watched several segments of Dying into Love and the experience of being present in the room along with everyone else, even though I’m home at my computer, is very powerful.  I think that speaks to the skill with which this program was produced, so thank you – Asha B.

Just watched video 3.  This work is so very important. I feel fortunate to be seeing it now … I’ve got a strong feeling it will and should be viewed widespread.  Much appreciation. – Pamela E.

This work is so important for our awakening.  Roshi Joan & Ram Das have both been mentor guides in my life and I am so charged by their simple respect and appreciation of the great mysteries unfolding in the act of dying. Deep bows of gratitude to Bodhi Be and Dale Borglum for their dedication and kind compassion and for bringing the light of our awareness to the places we hope to keep dark. – Sea C.

These videos are marvelous. I feel so blessed to be able to take them in. Thank you for making them available! – Willow

I am about 9 hours into the video series and enjoying it. Thank you. – Victoria

Beautiful set of videos. Good work!  Thank you. – Dharma

I had not thought about dying as an event that was a major milestone in life. I had thought about it as an end but that thought was shrouded in a sort of a fog. The two first tapes I have watched turned my perception around. Now I see death as a possible beginning of another journey. – Audur H.

I am so interested in the material. Thanks for doing all of this with these amazing souls. Peaceful blessings to you  – KIRI

I am savoring each moment of the videos. What a wonderful opportunity, and at such a great price. These are spiritual leaders that I would cross the globe to hear and with whom to simply sit. I would like to download the videos so I can watch each one again offline. Thank you again for sharing this important work. – Pamela E.

This is the perfect timing for these workshops – for so many of us. I sit present with my mother in her personal and exquisite process, and I feel honored, exhausted, trusting… and so in Love. She continues to teach me, and the very best I can give of myself now, is to love her, to witness, and to meet her exactly where she is. Thank you, thank you! I look forward to learning and growing with you. – Pam

Here’s some very important information shared by some of our most wise teachers. We are changing the way our culture deals with death; our generation demands a different approach. Thank goodness, it is not too late! –  Ramita B.

Education is a wonderful especially in this area. As a Hospice Nurse most of the my work is in educating and being present with soul ascention. Thank you for sharing this project. – Tamara S.
I work as a Bereavement Counselor at a hospice and times have been busy.  Our whole bereavement team is eager to find time to start watching and listening.  Hopefully in the near future. Mahalo and Aloha. – Cathy H.

I have only begun to see the work and I truly appreciate the efforts you have put into making this available to the world.  – Ruby T.

I listened to the webinar on Saturday and becoming familiar with the Dying into Love project.  I also purchased the 18 hour video series and about half way through.  I am enjoying the information and learning a lot about the project and myself.
Thank you for what you are contributing to the area of dying and help with this matter. My love and living light with radiance, ease and freedom. – Victoria J.

Thank you for putting together the Dying Into Love course. I have been reading everything I can about mortality which leads directly into spiritual explorations I find. This was triggered by the death of a mentor in my life. I was shocked out of deep denial of death and am facing the fear around our inevitable fate. I am not a caregiver nor work with the dying but simply trying to get more comfortable with reality! I’m so looking forward to the rest of the course.
Thank you !!! – Carolyn B.

Thank you for the wonderful webinar.  I have really appreciate the wisdom shared and I intend to buy “Dying into love” to help me with my fear of death. I am also interested in learning how to help/support someone facing serious illness or death itself. Looking forward to leran more. Namaste. – France

Thank you for the webinar. I am not a professional in the field, nor am I at death’s door, nor do I have a close friend or relative presently in the dying process. I am just very interested in this topic. I head never heard of the Living Dying project. What a find! And the conscious dying movement is exactly what our society needs. Overall . time well spent. and now I have resource to explore this issue further. Thank you. Valerie Z.

I thank you for all of your time to this cause, and bringing it forward to us.  I am looking forward to more of these communications and getting the information I need to further my experience with those that I am blessed to work with.  
– Patricia M.

Thank YOU so much for taking the trouble to organize the webinar.  I FELT uplifted by it and enjoyed listening as well !!
– Pat M

I am loving this webinar.  I am an ordinary person but I was with a friend once who knew she had a month to live because she was dying of cancer.  And what was most important to her was that she heal grievances in her life and come into a state of forgiveness.  We worked on this until she lost consciousness.  Helping her really helped me.  How wonderful if we can live our lives in a state of conscious living/conscious dying. Thank you ALL for being such a loving connection to what really matters. – Mary H.

Mahalo for this great resource and service to our community. – Ken B.

I watched the first session at bedtime on my iPhone. Gotta love technology when it works. I was on the first spring Sacred Maui Pilgramage with Ram Dass in 2009. I am thankful for the opening up of technology to allow him and the other wonderful teachers to reach across the world. It is like a huge hug of spirit spread through cyber waves. Thank you for your part in giving Baba and the other spiritual guides their wings. – Carol L.

I recognize the precious value of this work and the presenters of this workshop. With Love – Sandy G.

I thank Ram Dass, Joan, and everyone for putting this information out there to assist each of us in not only being able to assist others, but for our own growth and understanding of this process we are all participating in. Much LOVE! – Patty K

You All are so wonderful……. What a Blessing for the planet to receive this at this time. Mahalo For your Aloha. –  Airielle

Such an important segment, this, to one who also has been fired as final caregiver. It was all too easy to carry that incident as sad rejection. – Nancy H.

Great video Bodhi and the gang. Hard work paying off! I hope everyone watches and takes the info to heart! – Candle S.

This is something that I’m really looking forward to. Joan Halifax’ Being with dying is such an important book for me. I’ve read it thoroughly in the year before becoming a volunteer in a small hospice here in Amsterdam, Holland, two years ago.  Thank you so much!  – Mabel A.

As the boomer demographic ages, we are called to show up fully for this next phase of discovery. As always, Ram Dass and his friends are bringing this to the forefront of our awareness. Thanks to all of you for this. – Dan J.

We take back our lives in taking back our death. This work is a miracle. –  Shalimar D.
Important work. Thank you – Cathy H.

The wisdom and energy of Ram Dass, Joan, Dale and Bodhi, and the presence of the participants, validates what I already know and pushes me to stretch further, listen more deeply and continue to look inward.  What a blessing! I wish I had the funds to attend in person, but this is the next best thing. I am passing the word to all my friends and colleagues!  – Asha B.

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  1. I watched my child transition 20 months ago ~ I was her caregiver for 31/2 years while her body was ravaged from cancer. She was 33 years old with 2 small children. In that 20 months at 55 years old I went back to school and became a CNA . I now work as a Hospice CNA ~ Many times I have to sit with a dying person in the same room that my daughter passed in ~ I can not explain how I can do this hard job, except that it is what I feel so pulled to do. I would love to watch your videos, to learn more , so that I can give more to the dying . But I have just gone back to work after being unemployed for 4 years as my being with my daughter was more important than any money in the world. Do you offer any kind of assistance to those that want to take your course . There is so much work to be done in helping people and their families to live while they are dying . Thank you


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