2) The Frontiers of Love, Sex & Death

Features Ram Dass and Joan Halifax Roshi

Friday Evening

   1. (35 Min) Questions on Love Part 1: Joan Halifax offers a brief overview of the workshop and then moves into a series of questions on the Nature of Love.

  2. (18 Min) Questions on Love Part 2: Ram Dass speaks on finding contentment, followed by more questions on love. Roshi Joan then shares a poem.

  3. (27 Min) Questions on Love Part 3: More questions and sharing exploring the nature of Love.

Saturday Evening

   1. (26 Min) Many Forms of Love: Discussing Love, Sex and Death, Ram Dass describes the attachments of sexual love. Roshi Joan on Buddhist understandings of Love co-mingled with Kindness.

  2. (28 Min) Sexuality and Spirituality: Ram Dass on his Guru’s happy, private family life. Group discussion on the spiritual implications of physical love, power relationships, and sexuality on a spiritual path.

  3. (15 Min) Caretaker and Patient Relationships: Love, Sex and Death, Caregiver/Patient relationships, the power of impermanence and that intimacy arising around mortality can be confusing.

   4. (26 Min) What Happens When You Die: Cultural perspectives, reincarnation, karma, the subtle mind at the moment of death and limitless possibilities.

   5. (33 Min) How To Prepare For Death: Death as liberation and surrender, the ultimate moment, and life the ultimate possession to give away. From suffering we gain Mindfulness.

Sunday Evening

   1. (42 Min) Suffering and Transformation: Suffering vs. relief from suffering. Shamanistic and Psychedelic death journeys missing from our culture has serious consequences. We need a prior meditation practice to uphold neutrality and equanimity even in the face of death.

   2. (46 Min) Empathy and Compassion: Questions on Achieving bliss, Physiological, relational and economic chaos, Caregiver burn-out, secondary trauma and moral distress, Meditation, Pain, suffering, and grief.

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