3) Dying Into Love

Features Ram Dass, Dale Borglum and Bodhi Be

  1. (23 Min) Introduction and Centering: Bodhi Be opens the workshop with a group centering process.

  2. (17 Min) What Kind of Death Do You Want?: The group is led through a process around the question: What kind of death do you want?

  3. (18 Min) Awakening to Consciousness: Dale Borglum shares how we can awaken to consciousness through an understanding of Death.

  4. (15 Min) Dying Into Love: Ram Dass describes that what we die into is Love’s universal presence.

  5. (11 Min) Integrating Body and Mind: Bodhi Be leads the group through a moving meditation process.

6. (11 Min) Guided Meditation: Bodhi Be and Ram Dass leading a sitting, closed-eye guided meditation.

  7. (22 Min) What Happens When We Die Part 1: Dale Borglum postulates on what happens when we die.

  8. (16 Min)  What Happens When We Die Part 2: The group discusses what happens when we die.

  9. (16 Min) Society’s Death Dysfunction: Dale Borglum and Bodhi Be discuss society’s dysfunction around death and grief.

10. (13 Min) Short Meditation: Dale Borglum offers a short meditation on non-duality (Oneness).

11. (20 Min) Dying with Pain: The group discusses dying with pain.

12. (22 Min) Being with the Dying: The group discusses Being with the dying, Denial and Acceptance of Death.

13. (11 Min) Judgment Day: The group discusses Fear of Judgment Day.

14. (7 Min) Participant’s Story: A participant shares his mother’s process of being OK with “becoming nothing”.

15. (4 Min) Grief: The group discusses Grief.

16. (10 Min) Homework Assignment and Closing: Bodhi Be offers a homework assignment and closes the workshop.

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