Definitions of Contemplative Practices

Definitions of contemplative practices
(Halifax et al., 2006)

Mindfulness: A practice that brings together
concentration and insight by training the mind to bring
attention to (1) the present moment, (2) responses
to phenomena, (3) awareness of mental states,
(4) experience of objects of mind.

Council: A process where people speak honestly and
constructively, and listen with openness, nonjudgment,
and concentration. Council is a bridge to greater mutual
understanding, respect, and discovery of collective
wisdom (Zimmerman & Coyle, 1996).

Sand tray: A process than enhances insight through
self-exploration. It uses the imagination as a vehicle to
bridge the unconscious and the conscious to discover
new insights or meaning. The process uses a clear field
such as sand as the ground for self-exploration by
mindful selection of symbols that have meaning in
response to a specific inquiry question. A partner
witnesses the process and the story that is shared about
their discovery.

Yoga: Yoga focuses on harmony between mind and body
using movement, breath, posture, relaxation, and
meditation in order to establish a healthy, lively, and
balanced approach to living.

Meditation: A general term that is used to describe a
practice or set of practices to engender mindfulness.

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