Bodhi Be

   Bodhi Be is both an interfaith minister and a Sheikh in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. He is a death coach and a Hospice volunteer. Bodhi facilitates funeral ceremonies, is a Funeral Director, has trained at an operating crematory and hand-builds inexpensive caskets.

Bodhi is the founder of DOORWAY INTO LIGHT which offers workshops on spiritual care giving and provides tools for approaching death.  Doorway Into Light has been engaged in advocacy and educational programs on Maui, with families and professionals in the field, as well as actively helping dying people, their families and their care-givers. Doorway Into Light runs a monthly death and dying support group.

Bodhi is an active educator promoting dying and death as natural and sacred, a family and community-centered experience, imbuing it with community-based spirituality that honors the person, the soul, the community and the land. Bodhi helped facilitate the first sea burial on Maui in more than 50 years and speaks regularly about green burials, home funerals, and advance directives. He has been the host of a radio talk show dedicated to these issues.

Bodhi and Doorway Into Light are seeking to build a “Dying Center” here on Maui. This would include a green conservation cemetery, a sustainably powered crematory, a ceremony hall, a school and a retreat center supporting the full spectrum of care to the dying, sustainable and conscious practices for after death care, and spiritual disciplines and practices helpful in approaching one’s own death.

Bodhi also founded THEDEATHSTORE, in Haiku, Hawaii as  a funeral home and resource center offering goods and services for the dying and their families.  His mission is to further become a presence on Maui and make alternative educational materials on death and dying more readily available to the public.

Bodhi is also a businessman, having successfully created and operated a number of businesses, including the Twin Falls Fruit Stand, the Maui Juice Company, and the Rainbow Menehune Sprout Company.

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